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Celebrating valentines day without a significant other

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Valentine's day has always been one of my favorites to celebrate. One thing that I never attributed to this day was the idea that you have to spend it with a significant other for it to be special. For as long as I can remember I have always had a valentine, not necessarily a romantic partner, but I've celebrated with my friends as well. Celebrating with friends has always meant just as much for me as I would celebrating with a boyfriend. Don't get me wrong I loved the creativity my intimate partners went through to make the day extra special for me, I felt seen and loved for sure. But one thing I can also say is that it feels just as good doing and receiving love from yourself, a friend or loved one.

One of the best ways to celebrate valentine's day if you're single is to celebrate with a friend. My best friend and I have always celebrated valentine's day together, and it didn't matter if we were in other relationships or not we made time for each other. We love to get super cute, buy each other gifts and plan something to do together. Usually we would go to a nice dinner, have a bottle of wine and express to each other how much we love and appreciate the friendship we have.

Another way to celebrate is to plan a day to spend with yourself. GO ALL OUT. Buy yourself everything that you would want to receive on valentine's day from someone else. It might seem those things don't mean as much coming from you, but remember that you have to treat yourself and give yourself the same love that you want. Imagine setting the standards so high and manifesting that into your life. Whenever someone special comes into your life you will know what you're deserving of. You can also take yourself to a really nice dinner, or try a new recipe at home. The more comfortable you get spending time with yourself, the more special the day truly becomes.

Finally know that you do not have to spend this day alone just because you don't have a significant other to celebrate with. One of my favorite valentine's days was in 2019 when I hosted a party with my roommate. We decorated our entire apartment, and made some fun treats for our friends. It was so nice to have everyone there celebrating, and enjoying each other's company.

I Know that valentine's day is advertised to look like only people in relationships should be celebrating, but that is not always the reality. It is normal to want to want a romantic partner to spend the day with, and if any feelings of jealousy, loneliness etc. come up accept and acknowledge them and simply release them after. Remember that love can be celebrated any day with anyone, and I'm hoping you are able to feel that love on this day.



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