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Updated: Oct 4, 2021

One year of positive exchange, wow!

I’ve been doing a lot of learning the past 3 years. Learning about myself, what makes me the happiest, how I can be of service in This life, learning to open my heart, and much much more, but I am finally in the place of BEING. I find that being myself is more important than trying to keep searching for who I am. It’s so much more important that I practice love than to actually learn or read about it. So much better to show up and do the things that I enjoy than to fill my time up with random acts. I will never stop learning, but I’m finding balance in learning while I am doing. I’m so much happier this way. I am loving being in the present moment, not being afraid of life itself. I’m really enjoying that. Positive exchange has helped me overcome so many fears, find my voice, and give voice to others.

Thank you to everyone who have ever shared a story with me, those who I’ve had the experience of coaching, those who have supported my journey. It is so appreciated!

I’m excited to move into a new chapter of Positive Exchange because we’re joining podcast land. I never thought I’d be hosting a podcast, buttt I got some things to say hahaha. I’m excited to talk about healing tools, relationships, spirituality, and all of the things we GROW through when we embark on a healing/wellness journey! Join me over at @positiveexchangepod for updates. First episode will be live on 9/9/21 🥳

Let’s celebrate, please share your favorite positive exchange post in your story and tag us for a chance to win goodies in my current wellness shop and send this to a friend who you think will enjoy the podcast!



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