5 things you should do when you're not feeling like yourself

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

There are some days where I wake up and I feel completely out of balance, focus, and disconnected with myself. I used to think that when i felt that way it meant my depression was coming back, and just the thought of my past depressive moments would cause me anxiety and further keep me away from exploring the fact that I didn't feel like myself. Over the years I realized that feeling disconnected from self might come from ignoring signs that we might be moving too fast, or that we need time to stop and nourish ourselves. Going so long ignoring our emotions and the needs will eventually have us crashing, and feeling disconnected. Going to therapy has taught me that just because I feel sad doesn't always mean i am falling back into depression, and also waking up and not feeling like myself is normal.

I learned that the best thing to do when I am not feeling like myself is to be accepting of it. When I used to feel like this, I used to do everything I could to fight the feelings away, things that were not the best like depending on someone else to make me feel better or eating my feelings away in isolation. I did things that kept me further away from connecting with myself, I did things that would distract me from the emotions that were there. I no longer go outside of myself to figure out why I feel disconnected from myself, instead I do the things that I love so that I can feel balanced. Here are five things to do when you're not feeling like yourself that might help you get out of the funk.

Prioritize sleep

Sleep is so important and essential for our well being. I make sure that I get 7-9 hours of sleep everyday no matter how late I go to bed. Make sure you set a goal for bedtime- and rising. I like to go to bed no later than 11pm and wake up between 7:45 and 8:00am. My sleep is super important to me, and is something that I prioritize the most when I'm having those off days.

Eat less Meat

This is something that I always do when I feel off-balance. I believe that eating more fruits and vegetables help raise my vibration and I strive to have colorful plates at every meal time.

Spend more time in nature

There's something about being outside that just makes me feel connected with the universe. I love hiking, and exploring in the woods and just admiring the beauty of God's creation. Seeing the beauty of the trees, sky, water, dirt etc. opens my heart up and allows me to extend that same compassion and admiration for myself. Nature reminds me that I was created in the same image as these other beautiful things.

Get creative

Think of ways to express the emotions you are feeling. Draw, paint, dance, write a song etc. My most creative time is in the kitchen. I love trying new recipes or freestyling with whatever I have in the fridge. I also love to write so i get very open and honest in my writing during this time. Expressing myself usually helps me get to the root of why I am feeling the way that I am. Being honest with yourself can be the quickest solution to feeling better and moving forward.

Self- Care

Whatever makes you feel joy in your heart, I encourage you to do so. Usually when you're feeling unbalanced it could mean that our needs may not be getting met. Treat yourself to a massage, make an appointment with your therapist, make sure you are drinking enough water!



Okay this one might seem a little silly, but it works! Something to remember when you're feeling down, or not like yourself is that this too will pass. Everything is temporarily, so accepting that you're not feeling okay and allowing the feelings and emotions to come can do the trick. Doing nothing also prevents us from acting out based on our emotions and prevents us from doing something we might regret later when we're feeling whole again.

Wishing Well,


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